Societal commitments

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is one of our most important priorities. To this end, we undertake to raise animals under good conditions and to provide them with high-quality care.  Our staff are trained and specialise in guinea fowl husbandry and animal welfare.



Guinea fowls are a species with their origins in Africa and are robust in nature. Our selection programme builds on this robustness (slow growth, low mortality rate, good posture).
As a Guinea Fowl Breeder, we maintain and preserve genetic phenotypes and traditional breeds. We strive to preserve guinea fowl biodiversity.


The wild nature of the guinea fowl means we can limit use of antibiotics, already little used in our sector.
With a view to demedicating, GALOR SAS is committed to a plan to reduce the use of antibiotics under the SNA health quality charter. The guinea fowl sector is itself committed to this process as are other avian sectors.
These processes are directly linked to the Natural Concept.


Natural Concept

The ambition is to produce more using sustainable methods, to reconcile growing needs with new practices which are more respectful of the living environment.

Groupe Grimaud is the founder of the Natural Concept.


5 keys of the Natural Concept


Clé 1 - Privilégier

Favour robustness and feed efficiency traits in our breeding programs

Clé n°2 - Prévenir

Better prevent disease risks through bacterial ecology management in breeding environment

Clé n°3 - Stimuler

Stimulate the immune system of the animals: - natural by competition - acquired by vaccination


Clé n°4 - Utiliser

Because they are very valuable, use the chemical "super-molecule" only in case of proven pathology or as prevention in case of major stress

Clé n°5 - Redonner

To give back to the earth the necessary nutirents by the composting of the organic by-products