Over 50 years of guinea fowl selection


As a breeder operator and as part of our drive for the continuous improvement of our products, our mission is to meet the requirements of the entire guinea fowl sector. We listen to the market and study all areas of interest to our various economic partners: hatchery operators, farmers, abattoirs and consumers.
In response to these requirements, GALOR SAS offers two product ranges: the Galor range and the Essor range, both intended for the standard and label markets.

The products delivered to our customers are the result of crosses between several breeding lines. Each line is raised, reproduced, improved and developed in accordance with a selective breeding plan. Our performance is improved with the support of the union of the French Poultry and Acquaculture Breeders Association (SYSAAF), of which GALOR SAS has been a member since 1970).

The main measurements used in our methods of selecting our breeders are:

  • viability,
  • egg production,
  • sperm production,
  • egg weight,
  • fertility,
  • egg hatchability.

With regard to day-old guinea fowl, the measurements are:

  • viability,
  • feed conversion ratio,
  • growth,
  • posture,
  • abattoir yields.

Alongside this, our role as a Guinea Fowl Breeder is to preserve traditional breeds such as Pearl Grey, and a variety of plumage colours (brown, violet, white, buff, lilac, etc.) and leg colours (yellow, black).
By preserving genes and traditional breeds, GALOR SAS ensures the biodiversity of the guinea fowl species.