Research & Development

Innovation & Performance


Our R&D department has dedicated selection buildings as well as external facilities to trial, develop and prepare current and new technologies and products.

In our selection buildings, we perform our measurements on a great many subjects within the same breeding line, using a variety of advanced technologies. In particular we use:

  • photometry to measure sperm production,
  • the egg candler to measure fertility and hatchability of eggs,
  • palpation for conformation, estimation of yield and fattening,
  • measurement of individual feed conversion ratio,
  • precision scales for weighing, etc.

We use external facilities to perform tests under field conditions. In this way we test our range of day-old guinea fowl and measure their performance year on year. We are thus able to advise our customers by comparing our performance trends with their results.


GALOR SAS trials and operates innovative technology, developed by the Groupe Grimaud under the banner Genetech by Grimaud.
We work with the scanner to measure abattoir yields and to reduce fat in the birds. This non-destructive technology allows us to measure the candidate for selection directly and is the impetus for accelerated genetic improvement.
We also trial new technology such as RFID monitoring and genomics with the aim of improving the performance of future products.